Our top priority is to provide the highest quality products


What makes golden nuggets special 


100% UNIQUE WITHIN CENTRAL EUROPE- "dried gold" from GOLDEN NUGGETS is completely new and the only one of its kind in the CE region!

EXTRAORDINARILY NUTRITIOUS - the nutritional value of a bag of GOLDEN NUGGETS is excellent for athletes/ fitness fans/those following a diet.
100 g dried meat = approx. 300 g raw steak meat.


A PURE CZECH PRODUCT – GOLDEN NUGGETS s. r. o. has been 100% Czech since its foundation.
We use local subcontractors and partners exclusively and we always try to support the local Czech community


100% CZECH MEAT - we use only meat raised on Czech farms, we support regional farmers and meat processors.


100% HANDMADE BASED ON LONG-TERM EXPERIENCE – in order to deliver exceptional goodness and taste, we use the experience and knowledge of Prague leaders in the fields of butchery and curing (the products themselves took more than 12 months of development and constant testing).

NO UNDESIREABLE ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS - thanks to the use of professional technology, we can guarantee our products are free of chemical preservatives to extend their shelf- life, chemical tenderizers or any other unnatural flavour enhancers.
GOLDEN NUGGETS are suitable for allergy sufferers.

NO ADDED GLUTENS OR GLUTAMATES – our meaty treats do not contain any substances that are harmful to your body. The only addictive thing is their taste!

NATURAL SOURCE OF GOODNESS FOR YOUR BODY – aids digestion and helps supply all the necessary elements your body needs not only to satisfy hunger, but also to provide the nutritional value needed for a properly functioning body.


CAREFULLY SELECTED MEAT IN EVERY PACK - GOLDEN NUGGETS products undergo the highest quality control. Thanks to our experts 100% personal hands-on attention to detail, every batch is carefully prepared and checked before being distributed for sale.